Well, here we are, back again! I (N) am happy to say that I survived the tent, even though I didn’t sleep until night 3. (!) Even hubby decided to invest in some ear-plugs.(..he who sleeps through violent storms, babies crying, and other loud noises!)

So yes, all in all we had a nice time. We found the best fish and chip shop in the world (so far) in this place! T was prepared to drive the 30 miles from our camp-site again to get more, until I persuaded him it was time we had an Indian curry instead, which is what we did as it was B’s (our 8 year old daughter) birthday and our 9th wedding anniversary on the 6th and 7th.


Cooking in the tent was fairly fun, until I dropped a saucepan-full of newly cooked stew all over the groundsheet (could be something to do with my hormones of pregnancy extra-clumsiness), which T quickly scooped back up again into the saucepan and said “It’ll be fine!” (told you he would do anything for food!) We got by on a few tinned-food ideas from various online camping recipe sites and BBQ’s, but then again, I’m not as organised as my pal who has already got a list/menu of things she is going to make!!
Anyway, I shall let T finish off this post as I am catching up with washing and my wonderful new hobby, ironing!

T here. This is certainly a very beautiful part of Ireland and Killarney National Park is the nicest I have ever visited. It is perfect for walking/chilling/picnicing.


The Gap of Dunloe is spectacular and you can drive right through it – you must drive carefully and be able to reverse quickly to avoid other cars and jaunting cars (horse and cart) coming the other way.


T and N