In our adult sunday school, we are studying through
Spritual Disciplines within the church by Don Whitney. spiritual-disciplines.gif
The study questions we are using can be found here. It has certainly been a helpful and an insightful study in the following matters:

*Why can’t I get by on my own?
*Why should I go to church?
*Why do I need to worship in church? Couldn’t I just worship in nature?
*Why does it matter whether I become a member of the church?

The present chapter we are going through is entitled ‘Why pray with the church?’ In a section in the chapter subtitled Believers Need to Pray for Evangelism and Missions, a paragraph struck me today with which the urgency, passion and consistency a group of believers in the 18th century prayed.

Quoting as follows:-

‘For the same reasons that it’s important for us to pray with others for the success of the gospel and for revival, we should also pray with them for the proclamation of the gospel and the work of the Spirit on the mission field. In 1727, a community of believers in Saxony who came to be known as Herrnhut (the Lord’s watch), started a round-the-clock prayer vigil that continued nonstop for one hundred years. As they prayed, the Lord began to give them a missionary passion. By 1792, sixty-five years into the prayer watch, three hundred missionaries had gone out from them to the ends of the earth. By the time they had prayed one hundred years, this one group had sent out more missionaries than all Protestants had sent out in the previous two centuries.’

More information can be found here.

Surely, as God’s people, whatever our walk/station in life our prayer should be marked by a sincere passion for the lost (including our families and children), something which which I feel I lack at times! May the Lord cause our zeal and desire to increase!