Perhaps you don’t already know this, but as well as being a full-time Mum and housewife, I teach piano in the evenings (to help with living costs!). As well as this, I (unfortunately) get roped into playing at weddings for people I know (mostly). I like finding them music that differs from the normal Bridal March/Wedding March, if I can, and I recently found this piece of music which I think is great to walk out to….you can let me know if you do?!?!

Today I had to play this piece, but unfortunately I had to play it on an organ with a ‘piano tone’ and no sustain pedal!!!!!! It was not fun, believe me!
Anyway, it’s a nice piece (just a shame the organ was never going to do it justice!) to have at weddings/graduations and the like, and I just reckoned I would share it with y’all!


(Don’t you think it’s time T did a post?!?!)

P.S. Not me playing, by the way!