I am becoming increasingly irritated by the desire of progessing Christians to try and reach the lost by pandering to their worldly desires and needs. “Relevance is the key to reaching the unchurched”, we are told and yet both recent history (very recent – like yesterday, dude) shows us that while relevance is a beautiful creature today, tomorrow she is a withered, useless old hag, discarded by the way-side.
The ‘emerging church ‘is passionate to share its foggy, mish-mash of opinions (apparently in another language that I can’t understand) with ‘seekers’ who come with their own foggy, mish-mash of opinions, so that they can have an enlightening conversation about their foggy, mish-mash of opinions.
Here is an article to encourage those of us who love and respect God’s word and His ways and who understand that He who gave us such desires and hopes can, by His grace and mercy, do so to those around us.

Buy the Truth and sell it not. Proverbs 23 v 23


T (Yes, T! Not N)