I have never read Rick Warren’s book ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ (PDL) right through, but to be fair, if I were to read every dodgy book out there nowadays, I would not have much time left to read the bible, nevermind good books. However, I have observed enough of Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven movement to see him and his philosophies as an enemy of the Gospel, and indeed to warn others against it.

Examples would include, Warren’s failure to assert the exclusivity of the Gospel on National Television; his assessment of the validity of the Roman Catholic Church without any consideration of its false teachings; his desire to work with other Faiths without telling them about their need of Christ; the man-centered frivolities that they call worship at his church- such as Hula-Hoop dancing and pelvic thrusting stage performances by young worship groups.

Of all I have read about the PDL, I found the following statement by Todd Friel (symphonyofscripture.com) to be the most helpful concise assessment of the problem with it, and therefore a pointed warning to those who have read or are reading the book.

For 57 pages, Pastor Warren does not describe sin, righteousness, judgment, God’s holiness, hell, repentance, shedding of blood, atonement or resurrection. Yet on page 58 of PDL, Pastor Warren invites the reader to become a Christian by “whispering the prayer that will change your eternity.”

You can check out the ‘prayer’ and read the entire article here.