Just thought I would let y’all know the latest.
I’m now off from my part-time job of teaching piano for maternity ‘leave’ (even though I don’t leave my home to do it!), but I’m having to try and sort out MA (maternity allowance) which has added to the headache I’ve had for the past two weeks!
The Doctor at the hospital yesterday just reckoned the headache was due to dehydration/stress or whatever. At least it’s not pre-eclampsia related…

Not sleeping too well :0( at the mo which I always maintain is preparation for the baby-feeding nights/days ahead.

The hospital want me to come back at 38 weeks (4 weeks time) to “discuss induction” which I hope (if you read my last post) doesn’t happen, but I just know I’ll be glad to ‘get it all over with’. BP was fine this time, but I reckon I may have mild SPD (symptoms are all present) which is making it a little difficult to move about, especially in the mornings.

I’m just using the time I have left now to clean, tidy, hopefully become more organised, get some meals in the freezer, and work on my patience! May need to visit Flylady for some tips though! Hopefully I’ll use the ‘time off’ wisely..i.e in completing reading THIS over the next few weeks. I also want to complete this little book, Caleb’s lamb by Helen Santos before I read it to the kids.