Ok, to some this may seem extremely sad. Sad that I’m actually blogging this, and sad in that it may not be very exciting to others, but as a full-time Mummy (and that’s my job )it’s exciting to me!

My littlest one, C (you should know him by now!) has been using the potty successfully this week, so far!! That is the first 1st!

The second 1st is that he went to playgroup for the first time for 2 hours yesterday. (sniff) He was quite happy once he got there and didn’t even notice me leave!
His big sister, B collected him (it’s just over the fence) and he came home dry (as in no wet pants!) apart from two little wet patches beneath his eyes :0(
(Perhaps he did miss me after all!)

Daddy asked him later what he did at playgroup. To every question asked was a resounding “YES!”, as in “Well, did you like playgroup?” “YES”; “Did you play in the sand?”, “YES”; “Did you have storytime?”, “YES”.
So Daddy decided to experiment…”Did you fly a plane?”…..”YES“; “Did you eat some martians?”…”YES“; “Uh-huh…..did you ……” ;0)


So, there you have it….and here he is when he was only 1. How time has flown since then! My prayer is that he, as well as his big brother and sister will come to know the Saviour early in life and I’ll be enabled to blog that as another 1st in the near future.