My tip this week is, (I really don’t know if this is the case in the USA) where possible and especially if you’ve got a growing family, to get your grocery shopping delivered! In the UK here we have TESCO’S (like Walmart) and the delivery only costs in the region of $5 which I think is really worth it considering the delivery man will bring your bags straight into the kitchen for you!! It definitely works for me….(especially when you consider a pregnant woman humphing 3 kids, the shopping which included 2 big pumpkins and her extra-large bump into the car!!) Why do that when one could get their shopping delivered to the doorstep!?

(I’ve never cooked with pumpkin before and this week they were going pretty cheap in Tesco’s anyway, so I thought I’d give some pumpkin soup a try!


However, I have ended up with too much pumpkin (the store sent two extra large ones and I’ll only need one) and am wondering if anyone out there knows of any tasty recipes using pumpkin?)

Look over at SHANNON’S for more tips!

In anticipation of your help!!