I know some of you will be wondering what’s going on…..so
went to hospital for check up yesterday, and they didn’t give me a ‘date’:0( I was pretty disappointed even though I’d quite like to go into labour myself for once. I think it’s just the knowing when which makes things a little easier.
In fact, the Doc said they could let me go 10 days over my date (which is November 15th), which is a new thing!
At least, then, it will all hopefully be over by the 25th November…(Take a deep breath!)

Trying to keep busy and not think about impending birth all the time….
Just hope I don’t end up with a 10 pounder!

Thanks for your prayers!


P.S Looks like Amy is having “pre-labor” that lasts for weeks just like me!

To Quote:-

‘What does this mean? Are you in labor? I’ll be up late tonight and I’ll keep checking.’

‘What it means is basically nothing. I’m “about to be” in labor for like 3 weeks everytime. I am the tortoise but I wish I was the rabbit. I thought we were doing well, but it just all stopped.

It makes sense that since I am still nauseous, miserable, and that this is a very difficult pregnancy that the prelabor will last weeks and for the first time ever, I’ll go past the due date. You already know I’m a pessimist realist.’

She is so funny!