It has been a hectic blur of a week. Rhiannon Jane is now already 8 days old! We are now a family of 6 with 2 cats; one of which adpoted us recently!.. and we’ve no objection whatsoever as she is pretty cute and zany like a previous cat we had. In fact she looks exactly like this one! kiiten-piano.jpg

Getting our kids out to school this morning was nothing short of mayhem! I was in a comatose state (R decided she was going to be extra hungry during the night and I had developed hives all over my body…….!!!)
and R wanted fed while J and B were kind of left to their own devices getting ready so T (who had a staff meeting and needed to be in school early) could leave on time. Meanwhile, C didn’t like his weetabix a certain way (it has to be warmed in the microwave!) and our neighbours child waited in the lounge for her lift to school! It gets worse…. T then had to go to the shop as we had run out of bread for the lunches! (We thought we were pretty organised having the sandwich filling done the night before!! Mmm!)

Oh boy. Then once they were all out and packed into the car two neighbours called in and one was looking for an Avon catalogue which I had misplaced! AHHHHH! C needed dressed and packed as he was going out for the day with his fave friend from church, I, who very kindly offered to take him to our Mum’s and tots! (thanks I by the way!)

So I have just sat down after hanging out all the washing and am beginning to regain consciousness as R sleeps soundly snuggled up in a beanbag!

Still reading????

I had to get that out of my system before saying how thankful to God we are for his wonderful goodness to us. He has blessed us with 4 children, 2 of each, and enough room in which to house them. Friends have been so very kind bringing/sending meals; in fact I haven’t had to cook all week! (E, that broth was cracker by the way!)


I had a relatively easy birth compared to all the others. Absolutely no complications and no stitches! Labour was 1 hour 50 minutes and very straightforward which was a change from all the others! Because of this I feel well and on my feet quicker so to cope with the demands of 4. (OK…hopefully tomorrow will be an improvement on the getting out to school front!)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow for answered prayer, friends, our church and especially after a difficult pregnancy, the gift of a new life.


P.S I might as well mention that T is Tim, B is Bethan, J is Jacob and C is Cameron as I’ve now introduced Rhiannon!!!