I changed my header because when I was looking through some holiday photographs of our trip to Italy this year I came across this scene which is of Sirmione in Lake Garda and it just seemed a million miles away from these cold, damp, dark wet days!

It really was a special treat for us as a family to go there this summer past and I really don’t think travelling abroad is something we will do often, but my husband always remembers his family trip to Switzerland as a ‘one-off treat’ when he was only 2!
I know I will always remember our trip to Italy. (Perhaps it’s partly due to the fact that I had to get on a plane for 2.5 hours to get there; anyone who knows me will know how much I looove flying! Not!)

It’s at this time of year though, which my friend calls the ‘silly season’, that my mind wanders to thoughts of family holidays, like the one we had… the smell of barbeques, bees buzzing around the flower beds, warm gentle breezes rustling the hedgerows….ahh and on I could go! I’m hoping I don’t sound worldly here by appreciating these things but most of them are free and what God has freely given us to enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some things which I enjoy about Christmas, like family time, log fires, the food and watching my kids excitedly opening their presents. (They won’t have too much to open this year though as we have got them THIS between them all and that is all they are getting! Shhh don’t tell!)
However, I just can’t take the madness, the rushing, the myriad rows of Christmas stock in the shops and the pressure that some folk put themselves under to buy the most elaborate, luxurious gifts that they simply can’t afford….you know the rest.

Surely the simplest things like time to read a good book, family laughter, Christian fellowship and fun are things to be enjoyed when opportunity permits such as the Christmas holidays.

May we just take the time to appreciate each other and what we already have, not always desiring more…

“For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

(Matthew 16:26)