I thought it was pretty accuarate of her and in all the recent ones we have taken, we can’t get rid of the ‘red-eye’. This is her at 6 weeks (already!) at our church New Year ‘get together’. Shame about the background. (ie her Mummy!)

Yes…I’m 6 weeks on too. According to some the post-partum period is now over. Sally at A Gracious Home had a really interesting article on this. I can identify with a lot of it. In the midst of looking after my other children, I forgot that post-pregnancy blues can take one unawares at times. Counting my blessings has been the perfect antidote to this, and they are many.
It’s kind of easy to forget that 6 weeks ago I was moaning and complaining about all my ailments when they’ve all been swiftly taken away. Praise the Lord for being able to walk around normally (no more SPD) and breathe without feeling as if my chest would disintegrate into ashes from REALLY bad heartburn.

Humanly speaking I find a New Year a little disheartening as I ponder what it may hold – however in my daily reading today, the 1st day of 2008, taken from Luke 1:5-7, (Zacharias and Elizabeth), J.C Ryle states:

The grace of God exempts no one from trouble. Let us remember this, if we serve Christ, and let us count trial no strange thing. Let us believe that a hand of perfect wisdom is measuring out all our portion, and that when God chastises us, it is to make us ‘partakers of his holiness’ (Heb 12:10). If afflictions drive us nearer to Christ, the Bible, and prayer, they are positive blessings. We may not think so now. But we shall think so when we wake up in another world.