All you over in the mainland might think we are very sad, but our church is having a ladies trip to Ikea. This is very exciting for some because normally one would have to take a boat/coach trip to get to the one in Glasgow, Scotland (which T and I did before) which was pretty difficult because we were coming home with cutlery, dinner sets, shelves, and other bits and bobs – basically all that 2 adults could fit under their arms. All at a very good price I might add! My husband, T, loves the cafe (in which you get Swedish meatballs covered in a scrummy sauce) so much that he has decided to come along – yes, on the ladies trip!
ikea-food.gif Good value, eh?!

So I’m sure mummymac will give you the lowdown afterwards (sorry to put you under pressure e!) By the way T is glad he is coming with prior approval as he was going to come in disguise and that is not a joke!!