Tim just came home from a hospital appointment to get his knee checked…..

and has informed me of a very unfortunate event!

A car was parked extremely close to T’s little fiesta in fact he was sandwiched between two cars… poor T couldn’t get in….and the hospital obviously didn’t have a tannoy system…

So….Tim goes back into the hospital and has a fried breakfast (!) whilst waiting to see if the culprit had removed his car!

20 mins later…. still no joy….

Tim decides to open the boot ( a hatchback, thankfully) ….and climb in through, Indiana Jones style; two big legs dangling out the back of the car style; and eventually sprachels back to the driver seat…..

…. hehehehe (the very thought of it has made my day!) 


(P.S. I am using this opportunity to experiment with my new-found wordpress freedom!! I have figured out what I was doing wrong at long last!)