I really am not slating the wonderful priviledge of Motherhood when I state this, but now into my 9th year of being a Mother has produced a prolonged bout of brain-drain/fog, whatever you want to call it! I know someone who very aptly calls it ‘fluff-brain’. Thanks for that Mrs G –  I like that term! At least you had enough brains left over to think that one up! 

You can diagnose your condition when you can never beat your husband at games (such as Connect 3, sorry was that 4?), you can’t join words into  sentences  without going into vocabularical meltdown, and when addressing your child you list all your other kids names before reaching the correct one…

I am a ‘classic case’ ‘fluff-brain’ sufferer.

 B has been saving up her pennies and has even sold a few things on ebay so she could purchase a Nintendo DS on ebay. T reckoned he would get her one game that she and the entire family could use at the moment – so he went for ‘Brain training’.

Well. All I can say is after my initial brain-age check, I’m gonna have a lot of training to do! I wouldn’t embarrass myself so much as to share what ‘brain-age’ I was given to begin with; suffice to say I have now got it down to 15 years older than the age I am now, with the ideal ‘brain -age’ being 20. My one pride is that I can beat T at the timed syllable-count game (forget knowing your times tables! Count syllables instead! It activates your prefrontal cortex. Next time you see me staring at you midst conversation, it’s because I got to number 57 before I realised you were telling me something important). I even got it at ‘rocket speed’ apparently –  so stick that in yer pipe Mr BIG SCIENCE TEACHER EXTRORDINAIRE HUBBY!! ;0) (Ilove ya really)

Off to do Soduko…..or was it Sudoku.

Be smart and check it out for yourself! 


P.S. For non-gadget folk – THIS is a Nintendo ds lite.