Kim from Hiraeth, my Chicagoland friend has tagged me with the five things you want to do before you die…based on the movie ‘The Bucket list’ (I don’t know it either!)

So here goes…I would love to….

1. See my children converted and walking with the Lord.

2. See them all happily married to Godly husbands and wives. (To edit – if it is God’s will they are married… of course…)

3. (Copying Kim here – but it’s a must) Face my death having that ‘peace which passes all understanding.’

4. Become more like my Saviour each and every day….which includes becoming a more Godly wife and example to my children and others around me…

5.  Just a little hope….that one day I might visit USA to see family and friends and meet KIM! for one of those coffees you mentioned somewhere on your blog recently(!! :0), Canada, New Zealand, and ok, maybe go to Lake Garda with my family…