My blogging has been more than a bit thin on the ground recently. I know time is restricting my ability to compose posts and I sometimes wonder with the demands that 4 young children (in particular, a 4 month old) have on life, whether it would be wise for me to stop it completely. Then I think there might be a time when I’d like to ‘jot’ (for want of a better word) my thoughts down or join in some carnival or another.

 I miss commenting as much on other blogs and the fun of receiving as many comments from my fellow blog friends and readers, but I know this is a season in my life where I must put my little ones first. My baby needs fed, changed and carried, my 3 year old needs attention, my 6 year old wants help with his reading, and my 8 year old needs to chat about the latest  school assembly ‘craze’, and mostly, they all need discipline and routine…..socks washed, and dinner on their plates. (I try to teach piano to 14 students somewhere in between)

I know if you stop by here occasionally you will understand why my focus is elsewhere. I also might stop by from time to time…but I can’t guarantee when.

He has made everything appropriate in its time. Eccl. 3:11