Dear husband, Tim had just left to go to a Sunday School teacher’s meeting. I had just finished reading through Leading little ones to God, an excellent wee devotional book for family worship times and then came the questions!

“Mummy, but who made God?” (B)

“Mummy, when we die, do we go straight to heaven (if we are believers) or straight to the new earth?” (B)

“But where is heaven?”

“Where is hell?”

“What is heaven like?” “What is hell like?”

“Will there be any food in heaven?”( a very concerned J)

“Will I be able to have babies in heaven?” (a very concerned B)

“How come God is three persons? Doesn’t that mean that there are three God’s?”
Trying my utmost to explain the trinity, J piped Oh isn’t that like a trident, Mummy?

Then Does God have a trident?! (J again) (J had been reading his school book which contained the word ‘trident’)

There will be a few theological discussions going on later when Daddy comes home I’m sure!