For over a month now, our internet has been ‘playing up’ – sometimes as frequently as every minute; so at the moment we are in the middle of changing provider although it’s working presently.

Meanwhile, I’m reading ‘Loving God with all your mind’ by Elizabeth George. So far, it’s been an excellent read and I’m convinced one of the chapters was specifically written with ‘me’ in mind!!

I’m also trying to get Rhiannon (6 months now) properly onto solids. She has been ‘dithering’ for a few months, taking some somedays and not being interested on other occasions, but this could be to do with her having a chesty cough and hayfever (well that’s my diagnosis anyway). She does really enjoy sweet potato, carrot and parsnip puree though, which I whizzed-up and froze in little ice-cube trays. (so much cheaper than baby jars!) Breakfasts are coming on slowly but surely.

Washing and laundry are at a record high with Cameron having lots of little accidents and Rhiannon being sick and dribbling; so I know if I can get through this it can only get better! :0)

Today is sunny so all washes will be out! All 4 loads of them!

God is so good to me (and us all as a family) – I see his hand in every plan and providence! I’m being sanctifed and my attitudes are being honed with every little (or what may seem little) ‘accident’ and situation and I praise Him for this. He has been and is my help in times of trouble; my ever present aide. I never thought I would have four children, but I am so thankful that He ordained this for me and I’m learning slowly but surely.