In her book ‘Loving God with all your mind’, Elizabeth George pens a very personal story of struggling with her doubts, lack of confidence and of her need to rely upon God’s precious word.
A lengthy extract, but one which means a lot.

I admit that I have to fight this battle against thinking negatively – and wrongfully! – about myself almost daily. But I well remember one day when the struggle was tougher than usual. I had accepted a writing assignment that challenged me way beyond my comfort zone! However, confident of God’s leading, I tackled the job. I worked harder and longer than ever…only to have my writing meet with strong reaction, resistance, and near rejection. I was mortified! I had failed!
Drained physically as well as emotionally, I crawled home to hide and recover. But even there, in the safety and shelter of my home-sweet-home, thoughts like these filled my mind:
“Who do you think you are? When are you going to learn that you are nobody! You are nothing! When will you understand that the kind of ministry you were attempting is reserved for others who are better than you?”

As the day went on, my thoughts became even darker. “Why don’t you just quit now? Why try? Why care? It was just a dream. And besides, you are a nobody and a nothing!”
I knew the signs all too well. I was sliding down into the dark hole of depression, defeat, discouragement, dismay, and dejection. But I began to fight back! I decided it might helpif I got out of the house. So I went for a walk. But walking didn’t help this time. With each step up our huge hill, I continued to hear the defeating chorus that had been there all day long.

But the the Holy Spirit broke through my relentless chant and prompted me to ask myself the key question: “But Elizabeth what is true and real?” And, my friend, the answers from Scripture that God brought to my poor exhausted mind and heart came to my rescue! God reminded me that…

* I am fearfully and wonderfully made, no matter what I or others may think about me (Psalm 139:14)

* He has a grand plan and purpose for my life, no matter how the present may look (2 Timothy 1:9)

* He has given me spiritual gifts that I can use to benefit other believers, no matter how I may be floundering of failing at the moment (1 Corinthians 12:7-11) and

* I am always loved and accepted by God, no matter what I experience or who may reject me (Romans 8:35)