More and more over recent days, I have been becoming convinced that I should stop blogging.

My little one, Rhiannon is almost crawling now and is most certainly mobile as she ‘rolls’ around the room and can pick up the tiniest of objects and therefore blogging is not top of my priority list – keeping her alive is!!
I have really enjoyed blogging over the past year, and making many friends among you! I will still enjoy reading all of your blogs whenever the littles are asleep! It might be something for the future, but for now I must say goodbye to it.

In the words of Lydia Brownback over at Purple Cellar, who has made a similar decision-

Are we living as Paul instructed, redeeming our time for kingdom purposes? Are we doing the best we can for God in work and recreation, in the morning and evening, on weekdays and weekends? It’s so easy to fall into patterns of second best or, perhaps more accurately stated, patterns of mediocrity. Sometimes even doing what’s good isn’t really all that good, because there is a greater good we could be doing instead. We need spiritual discernment to recognize where we are spending our time on the second best or the merely good.

With love and best wishes to all blogging friends:0)
In His Name,