Book reviews


On the subject of daughters, this is a really great book for girls age 5 upwards by Elizabeth George.

Based on Proverbs 31 principles, this book highlights in practical ways how your daughter can become a little girl of virtue. The pictures it contains are exquisitely done by Illustrator, Judy Luenebrink. You can buy her prints at HER WEBSITE.

Elizabeth George and her husband, Jim George are the authors of ‘A man after God’s own heart’ and ‘A woman after God’s own heart’.

Jim has also written God’s wisdom for little boys.

God’s wisdom for little girls can also be purchased HERE.

Both seem slightly expensive at £10.99, however once you see the illustrations and read the marvellous ideas on how they can become children who honour their parents, you will not regret paying the money.

A definite favourite for B and a great Christmas gift.

Also new out are THESE.



i-wonder-why_.jpgMy Mum got these books last year for J (our 2nd child – age nearly 6) who absolutely loves them. They are full of information and typical questions that a young child would ask…..such as “Why does my tummy rumble?”, “Why do I feel cold after a shower?”, and “Who ran the first marathon?” to name but a few.
They are an absolute favourite at bedtime, and (for tired Mums) don’t require reading a long story as they contain short snippets of information….
The only downside is in the dinosaur book there are 100’s of millions of years mentioned, but I just change the evolutionist language to suit!!
Overall they are a fab buy! Thoroughly recommended!