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Yep. It really works. Just turn the volume up full and start mopping!:) :)

Check over to Shannon’s for other great tips!


(P.S. Shannon – I just couldn’t resist!)



Just a little tip :-

I have noticed myself doing this increasingly and it really does help if you can keep reminding yourself to do it!

Never go up the stairs without taking an item/s with you which belong up there and vice-versa; never go down the stairs without taking with you something which is meant belong down there or take rubbish with you en route to doing something else.

I guess you just call it multi-tasking!

Shannon over at Rocks in my dryer will have lots of great tips today!



Quite a simple but VERY effective tip this week passed on to me by a friend! It really works….well it has worked for me every time I’ve needed it to!


When you simply can’t open a JAR and the man about the house isn’t around; whether it be of jam or sauce, carefully tap the lid of the jar a few times on a hard surface (obviously not too enthusiastically, otherwise the jar will break!) and it will open!

(Thanks to D from church for the great tip!!)

Check on over to Rocks in my dryer for more tips.



My tip this week is, (I really don’t know if this is the case in the USA) where possible and especially if you’ve got a growing family, to get your grocery shopping delivered! In the UK here we have TESCO’S (like Walmart) and the delivery only costs in the region of $5 which I think is really worth it considering the delivery man will bring your bags straight into the kitchen for you!! It definitely works for me….(especially when you consider a pregnant woman humphing 3 kids, the shopping which included 2 big pumpkins and her extra-large bump into the car!!) Why do that when one could get their shopping delivered to the doorstep!?

(I’ve never cooked with pumpkin before and this week they were going pretty cheap in Tesco’s anyway, so I thought I’d give some pumpkin soup a try!


However, I have ended up with too much pumpkin (the store sent two extra large ones and I’ll only need one) and am wondering if anyone out there knows of any tasty recipes using pumpkin?)

Look over at SHANNON’S for more tips!

In anticipation of your help!!


Ok really the header above doesn’t apply, because as you’ll see it is BACKWARDS DAY over at Shannon’s. Simply put…..readers ask for tips instead of (in my case!) attempt to give them!

Just a note though…men , head on over here today. It’s more interesting. Really.

OK. So onto my quest for some tips!

1. I am attempting to potty train my almost 3 year old. He is my 3rd child and it is not going as smoothly as my other two, who I managed to get out of nappies (diapers) in a week or so! Problem is I’m heavily pregnant so I can’t run after him and he doesn’t ask to go…. I need tips and lots of them on methods you used!

2. I’m almost 34 weeks pregnant and I’m desperate not to go overdue and end up being induced! ( I was induced with the last 2 of my 3 pregnancies) Does anyone have any tips on how not to go over your due date?! (Yes, I realise there may not be an easy answer to this!)


P.S Have just noticed some of you others are on a potty-training success quest too!

wfmw-header.jpgThis week Shannon is hosting The Brand-Loyal-Edition of Works for me Wednesday tips.

Perhaps it’s because the smell of Johnson’s baby shampoo which evokes memories of when I was little, but to me you can’t beat it in the baby shampoo stakes! It makes your baby smell wonderful, even if baby has very little hair (although mine always seem to have a good ol’ crop), and boasts the ‘no more tears’ claim which I think is such a great invention! This non-stingy-eye formula may have been replicated by many other companies, however, I just keep going back to this product because it’s reasonably priced and smells of delicious little newly-washed newborns!

10 more weeks to go, and I’ll have a good excuse to buy it again! (Lord willing)


Shannon over at Rocks in my dryer hosts a great ‘tips’ ‘carnival’ which other bloggers can link to and share their own tips.


Ok, technically mine hasn’t worked for me yet, because I haven’t tried it although I have it in a book and intend to try it!!

‘It is usually quicker to grate an onion when a recipe calls for finely chopped onion!’
Now I do love to use my Pampered Chef food chopper for this purpose also, but this seems to be another grate (!) option. (Ahem, forgive the pun!)


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